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Field users do so at their own risk.

Users must inspect the field on arrival to make sure it is suitable for your dog before letting your dog(s) off the lead, in particular the height and size of the fence at the height of 1.35m or 4' 6". The holes in the mesh fence are approximately 15cm square.

If you are concerned that your dog cannot be contained in the field, please do not remove your dog's lead, immediately exit the field and contact us for a full refund. 

entering and leaving safely

Dogs must be on a lead unless they are safely inside the field with the gate locked. 


Your field session includes time to safely enter and leave the field. Please allow enough time to unload your dog, access and enjoy the field, then safely leave the field and load back into your vehicle within your allocated time slot.

Do not get dogs out of vehicles until the dog(s) from the previous session is safely loaded into their vehicle.

Ensure the gate is closed and locked immediately upon entering and leaving the field.


From time to time any dog can become reactive and display aggressive or dangerous behaviour. For this reason you must always allow space and time to safely enter and leave the field within your session, this includes keeping access to fields clear for users to leave the field at any time.


Government legislation must be followed if you are the owner of a categorized dangerous dog. This includes use of a muzzle and lead in public spaces and handled on a 1:1 basis. The muzzle must remain in place once inside the field (this is an insurance requirement).

XL Bully-type Dogs

If your dog is an XL Bully-type you must also provide us with a copy of your exemption certificate {this is a requirement of our insurance} and you must follow all government guidance and legislation regarding your own liability insurance. 

Please email us with a copy of your certificate before booking



dog health

All dogs using the field must have up to date vaccinations and be regularly wormed.

poop policy

Please provide your own poo bags and place contents in the bins provided.

Please leave the field as you find it.  We would like it to be a safe, clean and tidy place for you and your dogs to enjoy.


Children must be supervised at all times by an adult, no climbing on the gates, fences or equipment please.

Thank you for helping us to make our field a great place for everyone to enjoy.


See Booking Terms and Conditions

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help us to keep the FIELD clean and safe for you and your dogs

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